[Toucj Cat’s Numbers]


Aim for speed or kittens?
SuiNekoKan has released an iPhone app called “Touch the Cat’s Numbers”.
This is our 14th iPhone application and it’s designed to show you the cuteness of cats.

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■Appealing points! Must enjoy them!

Follow the numbers or compete for speed!
Want a warm feeling? Then chase the kittens!

To take the number away from kittens or to watch their cuteness…
That is the question.

There is more to life than achieving the goals.
But watch the kittens with love otherwise you can’t enjoy their confusing behaviors completely.

■About the product

“Touch the Cat’s Numbers” will help you liberate your mind from the busy life and heal you.
It also works as a brain training such as widening peripheral vision or quickening the reflexes.
Moreover you have to face making an agonizing choice.

Aim for speed or follow the cute kittens.
Either way, you will be able to refresh yourself by playing with those cute kittens.

You can also have great cat chat by posting to Twitter.

■Developer’s efforts

“Fast” action and “cute” action usually contradict.
Especially when it comes to kittens.
We found out what is necessary to enjoy this contradiction with a simple concept.
We pursued to contain kittens’ cute behaviors, meow and colors for “Touch the Cat’s Numbers”.

The more you play, the more you must forget about the result of the game and find yourself relaxed.

[Cats Reversi 3D Release 2010-09-29]

cats Reversi 3D

This amazing Reversi game uses 3D kittens that move around on your screen!!

3D kittens prance around lightly on the Reversi board and put on a show for you.
These cute kittens run, meow, jump, sit, and yawn as the game goes on.

They are sensitive to the gentleness of the sound effects, background music and color tones.
Play alone or against friends, a lover, or your children. You will enjoy your time with these cute kittens so much that it won’t matter if you win or lose the game.

・Choose your favorite from 14 types of kittens.
・Zoom in and out on the board.
・Adjust the angle at which the cats circle the board.
・Choose between three CPU opponent strengths.
・Play against friends.
・Play through Bluetooth on two iPhone/iPodtouch units.

*We recommend using this application on iPhone/iPodtouch units 3G or later since it displays many kittens. In particular, first-generation iPhone/iPodtouch units slow down as the game progresses and the number of kittens increases. (You’ll definitely become sleepy…)


more Applications [Petting Cat Series]

“Mobile Animal Therapy”
This is a virtual pet application that allows you to play with a realistic cat, rendered beautifully in 3D computer graphics. This is not a game. It’s therapy using a cat to bring out the kindness within you and bring good luck. If you want to increase your kindness and luck, the more you interact with the cat in a loving way, the more the love within you and the power to bring good fortune to yourself will increase.

“Basic Mode”
As the image of the cat rotates slowly, it plays by itself. This is the basic mode.
By stroking or touching the playing cat with your finger on the screen, you can interact with it in a number of different modes.
If you gently stroke the cat on its back or chest, it will express its pleasure to you.

“Petting Mode”

If you make a small movement on the screen with your finger away from the cat, you can bring the cat’s attention to that place. Then the cat will chase and play with you. This is the most therapeutic mode.

“Jump Mode”

You can make the cat jump. Slide your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen. The height of the jump will change with how quickly you move your finger.

”Running Mode”

You can also make the cat run. Slide your finger across the screen horizontally in either direction. The cat will run around after your finger energetically.

“Other Modes”
Moving your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen will cause the cat to move in other ways. There are two types of movement.

“Selfish Mode”

If you touch the screen strongly in two or more empty places at the same time, a bowl will appear. Rub the bowl to bring the cat’s attention to it. If you continue to rub the bowl, the cat will begin to approach it. If you keep it up, the cat will eventually go to sleep inside the bowl. To keep the cat sleeping quietly, pet the cat gently after it falls asleep. It will sleep as long as you do this. If you pet it too roughly, though, it will run away. This is the cat’s “selfish mode”. It will not return to Basic Mode until it wakes up.

“Rolling Mode”

If you don’t hold the iPhone stably, the cat will roll around. Once it starts, you can roll the cat around in all directions. (This mode has the most dynamic movement. Children will enjoy it!)
Even while it is rolling around, if you make small movements on the screen, the cat will jump towards them.

More ways to interact with the cat are described simply within the program.

Special points!
This is the first animal therapy cat application.
“I never want to stop playing with it.”
“I could just watch it forever.”
“It moves and interacts with you so realistically, it’s like you have a real cat in the palm of your hand.”
You can even satisfy your mischievous side by rolling the cat around as you tilt the iPhone.
Please take care of this cat.
The cat can help you become the kinder person you want to be.