3-Color Petting Cat!

Tortoise Shell Cat 3-Color Petting Cat! To love cats more! FREE!

A tri-colored cat that is said to bring happiness
Tortoise Shell Cat

Tortoise Shell Cat Free

<Free Version Introduction>
The Lite Version begins with the cat sleeping. If you pet the cat too much, or not enough, it will run away from the ball.
Also, when the background changes and the cat takes a sitting position you may play with it.
The cat will be happy when you pet its back, tail and throat.
Furthermore, when you quickly run your finger left and right across the screen, the cat will run around.
In the Full Version, there are many more modes that allow you to have fun with cats using hand motions and the iPhone’s unique motion controls.

Country of origin: from all over the world
They are short haired cats with white, black and brown fur.
Cats with three colors of fur are called Tortoise Shell Cats.
In Japan this kind of cat is very famous for having played the role of Holmes in the works of a famous humorous mystery writer.
This cat likes to tease, and loves its family. It is a cute cat that will always be nearby.